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Stocks to Buy Now in 2023

Our screener shows you the current best entry opportunities.

There are many reasons for the price of a share to rise.
What is much more interesting is whether the price rises every time.

The Basic Idea

Recurring price patterns are a very good timing tool. With this method you can see which stocks you should buy now.

For example, if a stock always rises by an average of 8% every October, there is a very high probability that it will also rise by 8% the next October.

Recurring Patterns is one of the Most Underestimated Analysis Methods among Private Investors.

Buy or Sell in Practice

You need special software to determine the optimal entry and exit times. On our platform you will find detailed analyses for the best entry and exit times.

You can take full advantage of these benefits with our platform.

Higher Profits in Less Time

With recurring patterns, you'll make the gains in a few weeks that take other strategies a year to achieve.
Investing only in the strongest times increases your chances of success.
Would You Like to Know which Stocks You should Buy Now?
Our screening algorithm shows you the historically best time to buy and sell.
seasonality stock screener
All markets (stocks, currencies, commodities, bonds, and crypto) have a lot of recurring price patterns at different times.
Hundreds of very good entry and exit times are stored in our database for you.
Finding good entry and exit points has never been easier.

A Small Example from the Field

Microsoft announces its results in the last week of October.
The positive results have led to rising share prices almost every time.
seasonality chart analyzer msft microsoft stock

Professional analysis tools for your success

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