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Event analysis features

Do you know how the market reacts to events?
How did the market perform before and after recurring events on a daily basis and intraday?
Is it a good time to get in or out?

Seeing how the market reacts to events lets you understand which events and insights have a high impact on price formation.
Recurring market reactions always open new trading opportunities.
Screening for recurring reactions is easy to implement with the Event Analyzer and the Event Screener.
Analyzing how the market reacts increases your understanding of the market and is the basis for consistent profits.
We provide three tools for optimal and fast event analysis.

Event Analyzer

The Event Analyzer is a powerful analysis tool and enables event analysis,
including an intraday chart, backtests, and daily performance pre- and post-event.
With the available filters, you can determine how market participants reacted to positive or native surprises or values.

Highlights of the Event Analyzer feature set.

How was the behavior intraday basis?
In addition to the average intraday development, the intraday prices of the last two events are displayed.

The intraday development before and after an event is very interesting, especially for day traders.

The intraday backtest shows the development of the prices before and after the event.
If the event time is outside the normal trading hours, it is recommended to analyze instruments such as futures or currencies that are traded 24 hours a day.

In addition to the average intraday development, the intraday prices of the last two events are displayed.

How did the market develop before and after recurring events?
The average development before and after the event shows how much influence the event has on the corresponding instrument.

The ES (SP500) Future shows a positive development before and after the event.
The hit rate is 75 percent before the event and 62.5% after the event.

The backtest on a daily basis shows the development of the prices X days before and after the event.
You can easily configure the number of days you want to evaluate.

For the past 10 years, Apple's stock has responded with a positive price trend after an event in the summer.
The price increase has a 90 percent hit rate. A total profit of over 24% was generated with an annual holding period of 9 days.

The event chart shows the development of the event. With the forecast and value filters, you can exclude individual events.
This way, scenarios can be analyzed in which, for example, the respective value was better than the corresponding forecast.

With the filters, the events can also be selected so that only events with rising or falling values are used. The filter possibilities are extensive. Filter your events to get more detailed results. Analyze stocks, futures, ETFs or currencies when economic data is released better or worse than expected.
With further options you can exclude data series, such as bearish or bullish stock market phases or individual years in the analysis.

We offer you numerous options for an analysis according to your needs.
They can filter the events according to their data situation. Only positive or negative forecast, values or surprises.
You can represent single years or exclude bear market / bear market phases, single years, months or weekdays.

Event Analyzer Screener

Use our Event Screener to automatically identify strong trading signals!
The screener offers different filters that you can adjust according to your needs.
With a few clicks, you will get the best event patterns.

Event Calendar

What economic events will take place in the near future or in the past?

What should a practical analysis tool look like?

Relevant & insightful data
Many free analyses display 1-2 data series in a chart. This is usually helpful for a rough assessment of situations. But to make sustainable and profitable trading decisions, more insight is needed.
Content-rich data:
  • Backtests show very well the "What would have been the profit if I had implemented the same action in the past?" scenario.
  • Metrics quickly show the quality of the analysis's result.
  • Data filter options allow you to recreate historical situations.

Speed & functionality
Time is a limiting factor for many private market participants. Most private individuals have a job, family and hobbies. There is not much time for extensive research and analysis.
Good analysis tools:
  • show relevant data quickly and clearly.
  • offer useful filters and configuration options.
  • offer powerful screeners.
  • offer comparative analysis of multiple instruments.

In a world with a lot of data, quality is more important than quantity.

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